Price etc.

Price is $100 per adult per night for up to two guests, additional adult guests $50 each per night. Children 13 and under $25 each per night. Realistic maximum of the cabin is 6 people. There have been, on occasion, larger family groups where extras tented in the yard or moored their own live-aboard boats. This requires some understanding of the cabin systems, such as the composting toilet and solar,water system. We will explain and show you all that is involved. It should be understood that the main feature of this experience is the surroundings, lake, and opportunity to relax in a family styled holiday close to nature, not the cabin. We strive to keep the cabin simple, low maintenance and unobtrusive in order to keep this experience economical and, as we feel in our own experience, enjoyable and memorable. If your mindset is off the grid and enjoy the freedom of, and are capable of, being self-sufficient this would definitely be for your family.

We are here to give you all the support you need, and want you to enjoy, understand and appreciate this area and lake as much as we do.