Lake Freighting and Property Service

We are offering freighting and property management services to the Lake of The Woods and Winnipeg River area. Call us to discuss any services you may require including transport, removal, salvage or repair.

Following are examples of prices as a general guide, please use contact form for an estimate for your specific needs or phone Gerald-807 464 4173.

Barge       20,000 lb. capacity    12 x 30 x 4    (includes operator)

170 Freighting (moving)  1 hour minimum

135 working, stationary, travel

Landing Craft      1800 lb capacity    22.5 x 8      5 foot gate      (includes operator)

125 Freighting (loaded) 1 hour minimum,

90 working, travel

Bobcat     60

Excavator   80

Extra man hours (labour etc.)    40

Welding / Red Seal Mechanic    70

note – all prices per hour and are before applicable taxes, If loading effort is needed (barge, landingcraft), it is extra, based upon each job requirement.